Your Phone Script Sucks – Here’s How-To Change That

Phone calls are a huge part of the job. Here’s how to do them right and with a script that doesn’t scare off recruits!

In this episode, Richard discusses the importance of a thoughtful approach to recruiting, relationship building, handling rejections, and the power of authenticity in conversations.

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Creating Your Vision

What most leaders lack is vision.

Because of this, leaders lack the ability to motivate “happy” recruits to change.

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Creating Authentic Recruiting Videos Recruiting videos – we’ve all seen them, but what do they really mean? Let’s break it down and get real. Imagine getting a text

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Leading Through Transitions Change is inevitable, but how we handle it defines our leadership. When a team faces a transition, whether it’s adapting to new technology or

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Personality Assessments: How to Make Them Work for You

INFJ or ENTP? Enneagram 4 or 7? DiSC “D” or “S”?

Odds are, you’ve probably heard at least some of the above terms in the last few years. Personality assessments seem to be on the rise–for personal use and for hiring purposes. So what are they exactly and how can we use them in recruiting?

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The Power of Dreams for Recruiting and Retention

Generally, the type of people we are looking to recruit are the people who aren’t planning to make a change. So, we need to appeal to them so much that they are willing to take that leap.

And the most essential piece that can inspire people to leave where they are comfortable and join you is dream fulfillment.

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Social Media Algorithms: Luck, or Science?

Different platforms will have various rules and guidelines that drive what gets prioritized. And these algorithms are different for every platform, depending on the type of content they’re more interested in promoting.

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How to Find Items of Value for Recruits

In this 4C University exclusive, We’re breaking down how to find items of value that you can send to recruits. This article is a continuation of Forever Follow-Ups: What Planting Asparagus Taught Me About Recruiting Success.

Finding value items is easy once you know what you want to send. So think of a topic that will be beneficial to your recruit.

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