Our Team

At 4C Recruiting, we’re a collaborative group of skilled professionals who are here to serve. We believe in working together to provide high-quality social media, creative, and strategy services that help recruiting leaders thrive.


Richard is a recruiting coach, high-growth specialist, speaker, and champion of recruiting leaders across the nation. During his time in the mortgage industry, he built more than 20 teams and held leadership positions in Area, Regional, and VP roles. For the last 5 years, he has dedicated his time to developing a system that makes recruiting simple.

He partners with and coaches industry leaders across the country to help them communicate their values, build systems that attract top talent, and position their companies for growth. Richard speaks at both public and private events across the U.S. He lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his children and wife.


Chief Financial Officer
As 4C’s Chief Financial Officer, Tim leads the 4C team in creating strategic financial plans that position our organization for success. Tim is a lifelong entrepreneur with 25+ years in executive corporate finance.


Director of Operations at 4C University
Adi is a Denver native and mortgage marketing professional who serves as Director of Operations at 4C. She has worked in the mortgage and marketing industries for several years, bringing her passion for growth and dynamic energy to every interaction. She is also the champion of 4C University, a platform that houses exclusive coaching content to help leaders become better recruiters. When she’s not working hard to help recruiting leaders, you can find her paddleboarding, hiking, kayaking, reading, watching movies, or listening to music.


Director of Client Accounts
Hailing from Northern Virginia, Megan has worked in social media marketing for almost a decade. Megan started with 4C Recruiting at the beginning of 2021, where she found a passion for helping clients reach their recruiting and brand goals. On her days off, she enjoys spending time with her cat and checking out local concerts.


Executive Assistant
Danielle had been friends with the Milligan family for 5 years before joining 4C Recruiting in 2021. In her role, Danielle has found happiness in uplifting the team and creating a positive culture for all. Living in Oklahoma City, Danielle loves being involved in her local church, spending time with her kids, and traveling with her husband.


Director of Social Media
Currently residing in North Carolina, Madison has a passion for all things Social Media. She graduated from the University of Alabama with a Master's in Digital and Social Media and has spent the past 5 years working in the Digital Marketing space. In her free time, Madison is an aspiring photographer and loves to travel with friends.

Writing Team


Managing Editor & Content Writer
Stephanie lives in Sunny San Diego, CA and enjoys swimming in the ocean, triathlon training, surfing and—of course—writing! Stephanie has a background in professional writing, academic writing, creative writing, and marketing. She joined the 4C team as a writer in 2021 and stepped into the role of Managing Editor and Content Writer in summer of 2022. Stephanie loves all things writing related, and her work at 4C pairs perfectly with her passion to help others reach and exceed their goals.


From South Carolina, Viraj is a former journalist turned content writer who used to chase stories as a Myrtle Beach newspaper reporter. After joining 4C Recruiting in 2021, he now enjoys helping clients tell stories of their own. In his free time, he likes watching movies, listening to music, and playing video games.


Hallie has worked professionally as a writer for more than 9 years and is passionate about the ways words connect and change us. When she isn't chasing her two young boys around, she spends her free time gardening, baking, and writing contemplative poems and essays at her home base in Oklahoma City. She holds an MFA from Seattle Pacific University and has worked with 4C since 2021.


This small-town Texas girl moved to the big city of Fort Worth in 2018 with her high school sweetheart. Tera taught English for 16 years before transferring those skills to writing and editing content for 4C Recruiting in July 2019. Her love of family, people, and helping others learn aligns perfectly with 4C values. She enjoys traveling and activities involving her husband, two sons, friends, and family.


Chelsea loves the power of words. Since middle school, she had the propensity to leave the real world for a bit and dive into the pages of a book. She was the one who always kept a journal, loved reading Wuthering Heights, and joined every creative writing class. Since then, she's spent more than a decade discovering how to effectively use words through marketing to make brands come alive. She's married to a Navy pilot, has an adorable son, and believes that words are the most meaningful way to bring people together.


A graduate of the prestigious Creative Nonfiction MFA Program at the University of Iowa, Rachel now lives in New Mexico with her tiny dog and a few chickens. Her work at 4C has let her indulge her passion for storytelling, research, and making connections of all kinds. She has been writing professionally for eight years now, though she’s been writing unprofessionally since she was eight!

Creative Team


Social Media Strategist
Maddie Lantz graduated in May of 2022 with her Masters in Marketing from the University of Alabama. Since graduating, she has found her passion in helping clients elevate their social presence as well as transforming the way they use various platforms.


Content Creator
MacKenzie is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. She attended North Carolina State University to study Communication with a concentration in Media and Theatre. She was brought to Nashville, Tennessee while working in the concert industry but has since joined the team at 4C Recruiting to focus on building clients' social media presence. Outside of her work, she has a passion for creating music and her miniature dachshund, Dolly.


Content Creator
Christopher Rodarte was born and raised in Lincolnton, NC, and currently lives in Charlotte. Creating photo and video content is his passion, and he joined the 4C team full-time in 2022. He also has his own business working with a variety of brands to strategize and execute content for their socials and web.