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Our proven methodology helps Recruiting Leaders build their business on their own terms.

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4C Recruiting is passionate about helping Recruiting Leaders build their personal recruiting system using our proven model.

Most recruiters believe recruiting is a difficult, mysterious process, predicated on secret tactics. We believe recruiting is simple when you have a step-by-step system.

Our President Richard Milligan spent 15 years as a Recruiting Leader inside the mortgage industry where he opened more than 20 offices throughout the United States. Through a process of trial and error based on firsthand experience, Richard learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to recruiting.  

Today, we help leaders implement the Recruiting Made Simple system to help them save time, communicate their story and values, and successfully build their team. 

Why 4C Recruiting?

Recruiting Leaders have the most challenging position in any business. If you’re a leader who also recruits, we’re here to train and support you.  

Recruiting Myths

Timing Is Everything

I would miss out on recruit after recruit even if I had been in contact with them prior. I was puzzled by the fact that people I had spoken with would join my competitors, sometimes within a few months after we spoke.

Super Salesman

I thought I had to be a super salesman with off-the-charts energy in order to be a success. It made total sense to me that only the best salesman in each market would win the recruiting game.

Recruiting Success

I believed it required 2+ hours of recruiting every day in order to have any success. I became a slave to my business as the other 15 hats I wore each day required 10 hours a day. Adding 2 to 4 hours of recruiting meant working 60 hours per week.


Each week, I drop in-depth marketing strategies, interviews with experts, and actionable insights straight to your earbuds.

With each episode, you'll learn how to build a system that allows you to recruit effectively in a minimal amount of time—all while motivating recruits towards meaningful change.

Recruiting Truths


That you can be a successful recruiting leader in just a few minutes per day.


Timing has little do do with recruiting great talent when done right.


That salesmanship has LITTLE to do with being a great recruiter. In fact it can actually HURT your recruiting efforts.

Your Phone Script Sucks – Here’s How-To Change That

Phone calls are a huge part of the job. Here’s how to do them right and with a script that doesn’t scare off recruits!

In this episode, Richard discusses the importance of a thoughtful approach to recruiting, relationship building, handling rejections, and the power of authenticity in conversations.

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