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 – Richard Milligan


When Richard started his leadership journey, he quickly realized that while he was expected to recruit to his team with little training. At the time, best practices were out-of-date hand-me-downs from a google search. To say resources were lacking is an understatement. So he sought out every book, podcast, and information that could help him grow. 

As a former leader in the mortgage industry, Richard had built more than 20 teams in leadership roles. But that wasn’t enough, he had a yearning to help people that were in a similar situation to his. 

And so the dream began. 

In 2017, Richard was offered a senior recruiting position, and he knew he had to turn it down. So he stepped down from that position and started 4C Recruiting, a consulting organization that would help recruiting leaders be successful. 

He speaks at both public and private events all over the United States. Richard has been featured in Scotsman Guide magazine and has spoken at numerous company sales rallies, leadership events, and round table meetings throughout the United States.

In 2022, he released his first book, How to Dominate Recruiting in the Digital World.

The Best Recruiting Tool Companies Have Are Their Leaders

While many have internal recruiting teams, it has been proven that the best recruiters are your team leaders. With so few companies equipping these leaders to recruit, there is a gaping hole in most industries for equipping leaders to build teams the correct way. This means leading with core values and vision before company value proposition.

Is your company doing all they can do to set their recruiting leaders up for success?​

There are three to recruiting success

Secret #1

Everyone wants to work for an Attractive Leader

You MUST become this!

Secret #2

Your Leadership Brand Matters to Recruiting

Secret #3

Phone Scripting and Face-to-Face Meetings

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