Richard Milligan

Richard Milligan

Richard is a coach, high-growth specialist, mortgage industry expert, speaker, and champion of recruiting leaders across the nation. 

During his time in the mortgage industry, Richard built more than 20 teams and held leadership positions in Area, Regional, and VP roles. As a former recruiting leader (someone who manages a team as well as recruits), Richard experienced firsthand the burnout and exhaustion that come from trying to recruit while managing day-to-day responsibilities. 

Since his time in recruiting, Richard has dedicated himself to creating the solution he wished he had—a system that makes recruiting simple. 

Now, he partners with and coaches industry leaders across the country, helping them communicate their values, build a system that works, and position their companies for growth. Richard speaks at both public and private events all over the United States and has been featured in Scotsman Guide magazine multiple times. 

Richard lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with his children and wife.

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