Creating Your Vision

What most leaders lack is vision.

Because of this, leaders lack the ability to motivate “happy” recruits to change.

Recruiting is a transference of passion.

Clarity around the big dream for your team is needed to explain to a recruit “what’s in it for me.”

WIIFM is the only thing your recruit cares about. 

You struggle to recruit because your only WIIFM is $ and company toolbox.

Welcome to what recruits would call the “sea of sameness”

Be different.  Be attractive!

What’s attractive?

An attractive leader communicates three things powerfully…
What they believe,
Where they are going,
Why they are committed to it,
so clearly, they magnetized people their cause, idea, and team.

The “Where are you are going” part?  

That’s your vision!

To help you with that I’ve included a 25-page deck to get you jumpstarted.

Beyond that, when you need help, hit up my live calendar located in the comments below.

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