The Death Of Recruiting For Most Recruiting Leaders

The world is evolving at an unprecedented pace. The implications for Recruiting Leaders are that many are quickly becoming irrelevant for several reasons that I will share in this week’s newsletter. Let me start by saying this: don’t relegate this email to your executive leaders. Every leader needs an action plan to stay relevant.  

Here are some of the changes currently impacting you: 

  • AI application is accelerating. 
  • Significant acceptance of virtual work and virtual selling. 
  • Social Media use continues to grow. 
  • Digital dominates the consumer decision-making process. 
  • Company Mergers are creating a “sea of sameness.”

And so much more!

This has led to many non-relevant leaders over the past few years. 

  1. They don’t understand or use AI. 
  2. They keep calling employees back to work because they haven’t created a virtual culture.
  3. They have zero playbook for virtual selling.  
  4. They have little to no social media presence.
  5. They aren’t establishing a road map to win in digital. 
  6. They don’t understand the difference between micro (local) brands and macro brands.  

I could keep going here, but let me give you one big reason for this. They lack vision. 

Let’s establish where vision comes from. 

Vision comes from embracing the mindset that you must grow to remain relevant.  

Let’s define where growth comes from.  

Growth comes from embracing education. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know something different. A lack of growth can actually be comfortable. If you aren’t aware that change is happening around you, then you don’t stress the future. You don’t lose sleep over the realization that you aren’t prepared.   

What if I told you we were on the cusp of a significant credit event? Stock markets, mortgage rates, US treasuries, the US dollar, and so much more will be impacted. Would I have your attention? 

What if I told you there were three things you needed to do to prepare for this? Then, I gave you those three things.  

THEN, what if that major credit event took place? I would have a lot of credibility with you, right? Why? Because I had foresight (predicting the future so one can begin preparing today), that foresight gave me credibility with you.  

As a recruiting and retention leader, you need credibility with your recruits and existing teams in your marketplace. This can only come from educating yourself. It’s not kind of educating yourself, but it’s a major-league education. Like getting a master’s degree in “what the heck is changing. ”  

Recruiting Leaders, I am begging you, get some foresight. Lead by educating yourself about the key areas that are impacting your industry. When you do, you can sit with a recruit and make this statement. 


Our industry is headed for… 

The digital world is impacting us in this way…

The three ways you could be using AI are…

The future of virtual in our business is…

All of these statements are polarizing.    

Recruiting Leaders who want to retain and grow their team will do this because they realize that this leader is magnetic, polarizing, and attractive. That leader will have uncommon recruiting success because they are an outlier.  

This world needs leaders with a vision for the future. Those leaders will value personal growth, which will lead them to innovation. They will embrace the work necessary to gain foresight.  

May this be you!

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