Why Your Onboarding Process Is Your Secret Recruiting Weapon

Recruiting is onboarding, and onboarding is recruiting.  Let me explain. 

Employees say that 68% give their company less than a year before deciding if they are a fit. 

By age 50, the average American has had 12 employers post-college.  Do that math, meaning they are transitioning about every two years.  

It’s time to ask ourselves why?  

The video is meant to be funny.  Because leaving one company and joining another company can be difficult.  But here is one big reason you must make this an incredible experience.  

45% of new hires say they were recommended or referred to their employer.  Your new hires are your billboards that advertise your awesome or you suck. 

Have a world-class onboarding experience, and you can ask your new hires for a list of people you should be speaking with.   This is the easiest recruiting you will ever do. 

Recruiting is onboarding, and onboarding is recruiting.