Don’t Just Wing It; What Gets Measured Gets Improved

When it comes to getting recruiting results, you can’t just wing it or do things “whenever you feel like it.” Whether you are a well-established recruiter or a new recruiter, you must be systematizing and tracking your efforts if you want recruiting results. Recruiting leaders have one of the most challenging jobs of any industry – they often juggle many balls. 

When we talk to recruiting leaders, we often hear that their job is supposed to be at least 50% recruiting. But when there’s a season where they’re stretched thin, the recruiting ball is the one that most often gets dropped, and then they miss their goals. 

So, how can you ensure you are doing what you have to do?

What Gets Measured Gets Improved

To achieve your goals, you must embrace having a system to track your progress. Tracking your habits is a key component of this. It can give you insight into what you are doing well and where to improve. It also makes it easier for you to pick it right back up if the recruiting ball is dropped.

Reaching Goals: By tracking your habits, you can see if you’re on track to meet your recruiting goals. It helps you know if you’re making progress or need to make changes.

Finding What Works: Tracking helps you figure out which strategies bring you success. When you know what works, you can focus on those strategies.

Getting Better: Habit tracking shows you where to improve your recruiting process. You can find ways to make things more efficient and effective so that you can do your job even better.

How to Track Your Habits

To track your habits effectively, you need a system. It can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be.

Here are some steps to help you set up a habit-tracking system:

  • Start With Your Goals: Consider what you want to achieve. Break your goals into smaller steps or milestones. This will make them easier to track and reach.
  • Identify Important Behaviors: Determine the key things you must do to succeed. These could include things like posting to social media, connecting with people on social media, making X number of phone calls, etc.
  • Measure Your Progress: Decide how you will measure your progress in each area. Set specific targets or numbers to reach. For example, you might aim to add five new people to your network each week or schedule three phone introductions.

Creating Effective Habits

I’m a huge fan of Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s your next read! In the book, some of the strategies he suggests are:

Make It Easy: Break your habits into small, easy steps. It’s easier to do something simple consistently than something big and complicated.

Make It Fun: Find ways to make your habits enjoyable. Make recruiting feel like a game or a fun challenge. When you have fun doing something, you’re more likely to keep doing it.

Accountability: Accountability is the most crucial part of a tracking system. You have to find a way to hold yourself accountable. A great way to do this is by asking somebody to be your accountability partner!

Another great way to keep yourself accountable is by setting up rewards for reaching milestones and making it painful when you drop the ball.

To help you get started with habit tracking, we've created several resources to help you along, ranging from super simple to super high-tech!

For people that like pen & paper checklists:
This tracker is simple and straightforward. Handwrite your tasks, and check them off as you complete them!

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For people that like tech-based checklists:
This one is Google Sheets based, which will auto-calculate your completion rates and create insights into where you can improve. And, yes, when you check off tasks, your “team” will grow! (Learning how to make that happen and see it work was my favorite part of creating this sheet!)

To get your own version, click on the image, go to "file" then "make a copy"

For people that want super high-tech solutions:
If you’re a fan of high-tech solutions, setting up automation on your phone is the way to go. Out of all of the solutions, it is the simplest in the long run because all you have to do is tap your phone against an NFC tag to have that habit tracked!

In this 4C Exclusive Article, I break down how to set up a shortcut and NFC automation.


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