Tactics Based Mortgage Recruiting Versus The Power Of 7

Earlier this week I spoke to one of the most successful recruiting leaders I have had the opportunity to work with as we drew up some “recruiting plays” in the sand.

We were working to create messaging based on trigger events that are taking place in his specific market.   As we worked to script his first message (which will be sent by direct message through text or LinkedIn)  what came from that was a solid first step which should result in recruits taking action. I am confident of this.

The leader I am working with felt good about the plan and began to move onto a different topic with a “how would you handle this” type of question.

Instead of moving on I paused and said “but what’s our next step with a recruit specific to what we have been working on?”

Before I continue the story let’s analyze what we had from the brainstorming session.

What we had was one step and nothing more. Now that ONE THING was a really strong ONE THING but it was still only ONE THING. I am confident that this creative idea is going to engage recruits in a conversation and that moves him towards his goal BUT then what?  We would then be left searching for another stand alone good idea.

This is what I call tactics based recruiting.  Side note, I am not a fan of tactics based recruiting.  I am a proponent of systems based recruiting but I digress.

This concept of tactics based recruiting plays across most recruiting leaders game plan for winning at recruiting.  Here are some of the items I see as tactics that many recruiting leaders use:

  • Sending a book
  • Using a special phone script
  • Hosting a recruiting networking event
  • Mailing food or gifts
  • Sending a creative video text
  • Sending a tangible physical item that is outside the box
  • Asking if their recruit would be willing to speak to the CEO
  • Sending a generic offer letter (yes this happens more than you know)
  • Emailing and directing them to a unique website with additional information

And so much more…….

Know that in listing these I am not being critical if you are using these.  Many of these are great ideas that do yield engagement and create conversations.  BUT none of these in themselves are anything more than a tactic and tactics won’t get you conversion rates nor create long term recruiting success.  They are all predicated on the immediate here and now. If they don’t work it’s a dead end street. Money spent, time invested and nothing to show for either.

Let me pick back up my conversation with the recruiting leader I coach.  When I asked my question regarding whats the next step there was a pause…………

After a few moments he responded “well I guess we do need to create some next steps don’t we?”   My response was yes we need to act in accordance with THE POWER OF 7 and here is why…….

Years ago I learned there was power in having next steps to my recruiting system.  Not just any power rather a very specific power. THE POWER OF 7.

I am sure you are wondering what is this power of 7 so let me break this down.  When you are pursuing someone and rely on one moment in time with one piece of engagement you are relying on the stars to align.  Right time, right place, magic, BOOM!

Especially IF that is your only piece of engagement.  The truth is that any creative tactic that stands alone is rarely successful.

For years I tried stand alone tactics in my recruiting efforts.  None of these ideas ever broke through and created sustainable success for me.  AND I TRIED DOZENS IF NOT HUNDREDS OF THEM!!!! UNTIL………..

One day in looking at my efforts I determined that I would create a next steps system based on a larger number of my ideas.  This meant that when I called with my awesome phone script and you said you were not interested in my opportunity (yes my original phone script was weak!) I would no longer hang up and move on to calling the next recruit.  I worked to create a next step with the ultimate goal being that of linking 7 steps together and thus creating a mini system. As an example it might look like this……….

  1. Memorized phone script that when a recruit said “I am happy and not interested” would result in a next step.
  2. I would close out the phone call with “as a way of saying thanks for simply taking my call I would love to send you one of my favorite books.  Whats a good address to send that to?” And off the book would go.
  3. I would follow up via text one week later with “I hope you received my book.  Will you let me know I sent it to the right address and that you got it? I would love to know your thoughts on the book.”
  4. One month later I would follow up with a back door voicemail (Slydial) along the lines of “Just dropping in to say hi as I came across one of your Facebook post.  No need to call me back just wanted you to know you were on my mind. Have a great November!”
  5. One month later I would find a great Youtube video of an industry insider interviewing a top loan officer or real estate agent in the business (check out Mortgage Coach’s Youtube channel).  I would send it to them via LinkedIn, email or text with a few lines, “hey I came across this and wanted to share. There are some great ideas in this video. I hope this brings some value to you!”
  6. One month later I would take a picture of a page inside a book that was inspiring, motivating or simply encouraging and would text it to them with a short note.
  7. One month later……….Are you getting my point here?

ANYTIME AND EVERY TIME I GENERATED A CREATIVE IDEA I would map out a minimum of 7 next steps .  It was no longer a stand alone tactic. It always became part of my larger system.

This became one of my best kept secrets that ultimately propelled my recruiting efforts.  So the next time you generate an exciting, creative idea ask yourself this question. Can I use The Power Of 7 to incorporate this tactic into my larger recruiting system?

If you can’t move on.  BUT I would dare say you can always work The Power Of 7 to your advantage.

So what are you waiting for?  Grab a whiteboard, a marker and an eraser to plot out the 7 steps you will use to create momentum inside your recruiting efforts.  You will be glad you did!

Want more insight into building a recruiting system? Here is a great video I recently shot regarding this exact topic The Importance Of Having A Recruiting System

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