Recruiting Conversations with a Branch Manager, The Attractive Character

I have had a number of people ask me recently about this “Attractive Character” concept and how to best approach identifying themselves as one in their markets. If you are lost on what the Attractive Character concept is I would encourage you start by reading my article from last week.

Many Branch Managers confuse what their company stands for with what they represent locally. Be reminded that successful companies are founded on Macro Vision and your company most likely has one. BUT you must understand that your success at the local level is going to come primarily from your Micro Vision. I call this “me branding.” Now this can and at times should align with the Macro Vision but regardless you must be able to explain how this plays out within your branch with your stories. Stories cause belief, belief causes people to join your team and it’s only then that you can impact the life of your recruit with your vision.

Before I give some direct application on how to do this at the Micro I want to stress the importance of this. Let me bring clarity to the importance of you becoming the Attractive Character in your market.

In a recent study which analyzed the personality profiles of over 7,000 leaders they found that there were 14 qualities that successful leaders possessed. But there was one that ranked as #1 out of those 14. The top item for successful leaders was having a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve. They also knew how to communicate that vision in a way to inspire people to get on-board.

Having a clear vision and being able to communicate this with precision isn’t optional if you want to grow your branch. This information alone should motivate you to define who you are as an Attractive Character.

I am always making the statement that “recruiting is simple.” Because of that I want to give you some direct application on how to identify yourself as an Attractive Character. Here is how this idea played out in a recent conversation which will help you formulate what is authentically you…..

Leader Wanting To Grow:

I have done a poor job of identifying myself as an Attractive Character to my team and to people I am trying to recruit. How do I go about correcting that?


Well let’s start by understanding what you believe is important to you. An Attractive Character clearly defines what they believe. This person also uses stories to communicate those beliefs in how they have played out under their leadership.  With that said what are 3 or 4 items that you would say are non negotiable for you. Items you believe in so strongly that they identify how you lead your team as well as how you respond to situations. 

Leader Wanting To Grow:

Well let me see here… of the first things that comes to mind is that I am always saying people deserve more than most companies give to them. I also believe that if I encourage my team to put their family before business then they are happier when they are here. Lastly, I lead and encourage my team to have friendships with their referral partners that allow them to go much deeper. This includes educating those relationships so they see that person as an expert. 


Wow that is great insight! I love that it rolled right off the tip of your tongue. That tells me you are really passionate about those items. Now let’s do this, over the next week let’s refine those into “pillars” for you. There is easily 3 or 4 pillars which we can build your Attractive Character on and share with your recruits in the form of stories. This will allow them to see how your leadership plays out in your branch.

Some of the information above was paraphrased for the purpose of making it most concise. But you get the point of this conversation. What transpired over the following week was a refinement of those items this leader was passionate about. When we were done here is what became the “pillars” for his Attractive Character.

We refined people deserve more than most companies give to them into:

  • We believe our people deserve more and thus support our team members in 3 ways.
  1. Being accessible
  2. Engaging our team members and family of team members at personal levels
  3. Doing uncommon things that only family or best friends would do

We refined I encourage my team to put their family before business then they are happier when they are here into:

  • We believe that you can incorporate family and fun into business and doing so makes us better in all aspects of our lives.

We refined I lead and encourage my team to have friendships with their referral partners that allow them to go much deeper. This includes educating those relationships so they see that person as an expert into 

  • We believe that when we focus on providing value to our relationships that growth in volume takes care of itself.

Notice the “we believe” statements above? Do yourself a favor and begin using these are part of communicating who you are. You will find yourself acting in accordance with your beliefs. I have seen countless leaders become better leaders simply through the refinement of what they believe.

A word of caution, these items MUST BE TRUE about your leadership.  If you’re going to say you believe something but don’t deliver then expect to be doing an exit interview.  I am speaking from experience here. Please take the shortcut to success by holding true to your beliefs as a leader. Hold true to them AT ALL COST! When you deliver on these you will have your team members pointing to them and becoming your strongest recruiters simply because you clarified and communicated your vision.

With this part done it should be easy for you to create stories around your beliefs. You must connect your belief statements to the stories of people you have impacted with your vision.   I know many of you are having an aha moment right now as the stories of “remember that time” are flooding you.

While the stories are coming to you go ahead and build out the pillars for what you represent. You are already making progress in clarifying and communicating who you are as an Attractive Character which makes this recruiting thing simple.

When you have gone through this process you have achieved the #1 quality of a successful leader. You now have a clear vision and can communicate that vision in a way that inspires people to get on-board.

I leave you with this, remember that saying…..The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it? Well it’s your job as a leader to water it, to make it greener.  Make it your mission to lead in a way that makes your branch, your leadership a better place to call home. When it truly becomes greener people will flock to it.

See what I did with the whole pasture, greener, flock thing. Yep that’s how I roll!

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