How To Operate at a Level 10 Energy When Recruiting

Hi Everybody, it’s Richard Milligan your host of recruiting conversations today we are going to talk about a concept that has been incredibly beneficial to me as a recruiting leader it’s called transition windows one of the things that i know is if you’re in a recruiting leader role you have a lot of roles and responsibilities and the challenge for you is in the moment that you begin to wear that hat called the recruiting leader hat that you are all in in that moment you’re all in a space that could be very difficult because this is an audience here that probably in my opinion has the most difficult job in any organization i don’t say that lightly spent 15 years in the role i coach this role every single day i recognize that you when you set in between the pressure zone which is that you are getting all of the noise at a field level and you’re getting all the noise from an executive level it can be a place that really gets squeezed pretty tightly and you’re trying to communicate what’s going on at the field to upper management and our management is communicating to you what they want you to execute on at the field and that can be pretty challenging to get things done now what we’re going to do is we’re going to say hey by the way you’re also responsible for recruiting and that’s a full-time job in itself so you know that makes this a very challenging position where you’re putting out fires all day long it’s easy to get into a rhythm of being the firefighter it’s easy to get into a rhythm of being a problem solver and when we time allocate i’ll give you some framework there time allocation is not managing time it’s actually allocating time so that when you arrive in this moment you’re not doing anything else you’re not balancing your email you’re not you know taking text messages you’re not you don’t have a revolving door in your office like you are all in in this space when you’re recruiting so as time allocation you’re allocating time to recruiting when you show up in this moment how you show up and how you engage with the recruit whether that’s through your messaging in a social platform or in text whether it’s through a phone call whether you’re utilizing this time to actually meet with the recruit face to face how we show up not only matters it’s critical to moving someone to next steps one of the things i talk about from time to time is that recruiting in its simplest form is a transference of passion it’s a transference of my energy to you and so if i show up at a level five versus a level 10 i’m less likely to actually transfer enough passion to you to get you motivated to next steps and so i like to create what i call these transition windows or a transition zone if i’m over here putting out fires and i’m going at such a fast pace that that i’m responding to 50 emails in an hour and i’m taking seven phone calls i’m responding to 10 texts and i’m walking the bullpen area and and and and then suddenly i’ve got my time allocated to recruiting and i arrive in this moment it’s really easy just to pivot and go directly into recruiting so what i found is that i carry a lot of that stuff with me into the recruiting moment i just got through putting out a fire an escalated situation and it’s easy for me to bring that into the recruiting moment and it’s hard for me when i do that to operate at level 10 which is where i’m really in my passion zone when i’m really in my energy zone so in this transition window in this transition zone one of the things that i’ve done and one of the things i coached to is that we should pause and allocate a specific amount of time for letting go of the other things that i could very easily bring with me into this moment so i literally meditate for three to five minutes and that can be hard to do when you have all the things going on around you so you’ve got to shut things down so you really need a plan how do you go from a level 5 in terms of your energy and focus to a level 10 in your energy and focus on recruiting and you really first start with like letting go i gotta release the things that are present with me to focus on the thing that is about to be really important so i’ll meditate for three to five minutes and i’ll practice letting things go practice clearing my mind one of the things that’s been very beneficial to me is actually having some affirmations here things that remind me why i’m doing this recruiting thing that remind me of who i want to be in these moments that i’m recruiting remind me what this is helping me accomplish reminding me who i am actually impacting when i do this and the truth is that when great leaders attract good talent great talent they actually make that person better for this encounter with them they just do when great people work with average leaders or average organizations it’s it diminishes the individual it diminishes their excitement their passion their energy that they have for what it is that they’re doing and and so as a as a leader i believe this and as leader if you believe this which is that like i can impact people and and actually improve their lives at such a level that i can improve their relationship with their spouse i can improve their relationship with their children i can improve their ability impact their community our local community then it’s my job as a recruiting leader to actually convince this person to join my team i feel obligated to do this it’s actually part of my job and so if that’s my obligation why would i show up at a level five when there’s more available so what does this require this requires me to release everything okay all the balls that are in the air i’m gonna stop juggling the moment i’m gonna remind myself through affirmations or through simple purpose statements of why i’m about to do what i’m about to do i’m going to do some things like play some high energy music as i get towards into this i probably clap my hands as i’m getting to the end of this i want my energy to go up what we’re talking about here is changing our state we’re going from this state of like being stuck in the minutia of putting out fires and being and being in this uh this role of like responding fire rapid emails and responding fire rapid text messages and right all of the energy that goes around all of that that actually has you just in a particular state of mind and we’re pivoting now and we’re going let’s go let’s go right because when i get someone on the phone i want to be smiling i want to be energetic i want to say the reason for my call today is that i did a bunch of research on you and i couldn’t wait to have this conversation because i was so excited about what you’re doing in your career and the things that you’ve accomplished and i will lead with affirmation and i will do it with excitement that’s what i will do now normal version of richard if you were in real life with him is that i’m pretty low key if you ask my wife there’s times where she is like do you have ice water in your veins because you don’t get too upset or too hyped or those things but in this moment i am going to figure out how i bring the most energy possible to what i’m doing right now because how i show up in this moment matters i will influence someone in a few seconds with that energy whether they go to a next step with me whether they have a meaningful conversation with me and how i look at this how i legitimately look at this is i’ve got one shot there was a season where i was a big fan of eminem and his his song uh lose yourself right like i think i have in the background here i’m not sure you’re gonna be able to hear the podcast you only get one shot you only get one shot if you heard that that’s it we are relationship bridge builders and many times we get one shot so how i show up in this moment matters how i engage with the recruit matters so what i’m going to do is i’m going to build a transition window a transition plan how i show up in this moment matters i want to operate a level 10 because when i operate at level 10 i can transfer my energy to you and that transference of energy carries us into this relationship bridge that we need in order to get two meaningful conversations with you so that’s the challenge build a transition plan for how you’re going to go come into these moments that you’re going to recruit and it will actually improve everything that you’re doing it’s called the marginal gain if you if even if you’re operating at level six or level seven which i found few people do if you can get to a level nine a level ten think about that how many more people can you influence at a level nine or ten over level five or six that is a massive gain it’s not a marginal gain it’s a massive game but the transition plan the transition window is a place where you can actually vamp revamp some of what you’re doing and to how you come into these moments and how you recruit people in these moments is going to matter because it will influence everything it’ll influence your ability to communicate by text more clearly it’ll influence that video you’re about to cut and text message or you’re going to cut and drop on linkedin or that audio message you’re going to drop in the linkedin app to someone or that facebook messenger message you’re going to send your energy matters so build a transition plan i hope this brought some value to you today look forward to talking to you again here on recruiting conversations if you found value in this passes on to somebody that actually recruits everyone needs a transition plan a transition window that they can actually go from a low level of energy to high level of energy it will impact every part of the results that you’re getting on the recruiting side and so we’ll look forward to talking to you again here on recruiting conversations have a great week everybody.

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