How to Find Items of Value for Recruits

Adi Smith

Adi Smith

In this 4C University exclusive, We’re breaking down how to find items of value that you can send to recruits. This article is a continuation of Forever Follow-Ups: What Planting Asparagus Taught Me About Recruiting Success.

Finding value items is easy once you know what you want to send. So think of a topic that will be beneficial to your recruit.

The next step is deciding what format you want to send. We suggest that you vary the type and format of the items. If last months was a youtube video, try sending a podcast this month.

This allows you to reach a wider audience based on their preferences.

Some people may need more time to sit and listen to a podcast but can quickly skim an article. At the same time, others prefer to listen to podcasts than read.

After you decide on what content you want to send, it’s time to start looking for it!

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