How to Cross the Epiphany Bridge

Richard Milligan

Richard Milligan

A Recruiting Leader is a relationship builder. And the key to building a relationship is knowing how to tell a story.

Think of it this way. On a first date, do you share your salary, or your values? When you meet friends to hang out, do you talk about dividends, or your families?

Then why do we open with these things with potential recruits? All the time I see leaders open with cold hard cash instead of warmth and care.

I shared a clip from a coaching session that I want to reference back to. A recruiting leader is an epiphany bridge builder. We’re trying to reach the point where somebody takes a leap of faith on us and our ability. And numbers aren’t what build our faith in other people; stories are.

Look at your most powerful relationships– those that have stood the test of time. When did you first realize this person was going to be a permanent fixture in your life? When did you have that “epiphany” moment where you thought, “This person is going to be one of my best friends,” or “I’m going to start a family with this person.”

When did you realize that you could trust that person enough to cross the epiphany bridge and make a huge change?

These a-ha moments come when we realize that somebody is aligned with us in ways that truly matter.
They share our important values. They understand and care about our dreams.

The same is true with recruits. If you want to grow, if you want to build your team, you have to be willing to build meaningful relationships with them.

That means listening to their stories and knowing how to share your own stories. You are your own most valuable product. People connect to people, not companies, and your ability to share your story is how you’ll let that recruit know that you are aligned with them in the ways that matter. Numbers, salaries, the standard offerings… these things don’t inspire true connection to a role. True connection comes when you share your story and values with a recruit so that they understand that you truly do care about them and their dreams.

A bridge has to be built on a solid foundation on each side. And if you take the time to connect, through stories and values, then a recruit will know that they’ll be safe making the crossing. You’re a relationship builder, a professional storyteller, and a person with the ability– if you put in the time– to inspire genuine epiphanies.

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