The Most Important Thing In Recruiting, Figuring Out Your Recruits “Why.”

Hey everybody, welcome back to recruiting conversations. Today, it’s a very special episode, and as I’m alive, right? It’s always a special day when you wake up and you can feel your toes, and you can feel your fingers, and you know that you’re living and you’re breathing, so every time I show up and I’m alive it’s a special episode, right? I rule the day that this podcast goes on where I’m not alive and so that day whenever it happens is not a special episode, and so until then maybe that’s my new intro, here’s a special episode, today we are going to talk about a very special topic, something that’s very near and dear to my heart and something that took me 11 years inside an industry to really figure out and those of you that know my story, know that I spent really 10 to 11 years being a very average recruit or having wins but being very average in those wins and and then about 11 years into it changed some things very dramatically, that that gave me a lot of momentum to launch 18 teams in just three and a half years, and so one of those things I’m gonna share with you today. And that thing revolves around understanding someone’s why, now when I say why I’m talking about what is that thing that motivates us most, right? A lot of times when we recruit, our tendency is, we recruit with the company value proposition and we recruit through the lens of money, like compensation structure, sign-on bonuses, you know whatever it may be that you have to offer on the financial side, a lot of times we recruit through the lens of that, and we miss, I mean we miss in a major way an opportunity to recruit someone through, something that motivates them more. Now one of the things that if you follow me much at all you know that I believe that there is this what I call the BAM zone and that is the zone that we want to focus on a most when recruiting people. And so the B.A.M. zone is this belonging, affirming, and meaning. So, when we understand what motivates human beings, what we know is that primarily at the lowest form of human motivation, right? There’s this motivation that comes through financial security, feeling safe, right? Goes back to Maslow’s hierarchy of human motivation which is safety and security, protection and provision, those are things that we are motivated through first. If I’m not safe, if I’m not protected, if I don’t know where my 4-week paycheck is coming from, then I am primarily motivated through that lens first, not through anything else. And but if those things are there and I’m safe, financially, I’m secure financially, and I feel protected inside the organization, that I’m a part of, that I’m ultimately motivated through a higher lens. I want to belong to something bigger, I want to be affirmed through my leadership or through the people that I’m around, and ultimately I want to have more meaning, more purpose in what I do in life. So when we understand the BAM zone, what we understand is that people, yes they’re motivated by money, but if I can figure out what your why is, what is it that motivates you most, I have a secret ingredient that allows me to pursue you through the lens of that and then it becomes not a matter of if you’ll join my team rather a matter of when you’ll join my team. Now yes, there are other things around that, do you have a system, are you staying in front of the candidate forever, and I say that jokingly, because you should have a system where you are in front of them one time per month forever, right? As long as you’re in the business if you’re a recruiting leader, you’re probably fishing in this small pond, and the smaller geography, which may be a city, may be a state, may be a couple of states, but because you’re going to be in that mark, in those markets, for as long as you’re in your business or in this career, then you begin to understand man, you have to recruit differently than a corporate recruiter and that’s why this podcast has been recreated, is to help you who I called the recruiting leader. Someone who leads a team but then is also responsible for not just managing but recruiting and building that team, ok?


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