Staying Hyper Focused!

Warren Buffett has shared in an interview that he and Bill Gates were in a group of about twenty people shortly after meeting each other when Bill Gates’ father wanted them all to write down one word on a sheet of paper that accounted for their success. Little did Warren and Bill know that they jotted down the same exact one-word answer:


Each looked at each other with a sly grin, given the fact that they excelled in two completely different industries, investments, and software. Incredibly, their matching response was spontaneous and completely unplanned.

One play in the playbook

I have found that as ambition and success grows, so does the workload. As excited as I am when inspiration hits, I’m often afraid to have those a-ha moments because I know they’ll bring on additional work in my already overloaded work environment.

If you are a recruiting leader with the ambitions of building a large team you know what I mean!  

Therefore, in those moments when work is filled to the brim, I am diligent to have only one play in my playbook – “Hyper Focus.” This term’s definition is to do things excessively or above normal.

When you want to move through things that matter, you’re going to need to be excessively focused. In a world filled with social media, digital notifications, and an app that’s needed for every idea we have and everything we do, it’s never been a more crucial time to be ridiculously focused to stay on task.

3 ideas that will help you move toward being hyper-focused

1) Reduce the noise!

I have been known to leave my office for several days at a time so that I could move through a project that I had identified as critical to my business. Do what you have to do to disappear momentarily if necessary.

2) Prioritize what is of most importance!  

Most people approach their day with a to-do list in hand with the easiest tasks listed at the very top. Therefore, things like returning calls, responding to email, and addressing the squeaky wheel are the first tasks completed and they become the daily plan. This is the playbook for an ineffective leader! If you are going to accomplish big things you must focus on what moves your business the most.

3) Say “No!”

If you are going to get the most important tasks done quickly, you’re going to be saying “no” A LOT!  If you are resourceful, others are going to look to you when they need help. Although this is a compliment to your strengths, it could be the death of actually accomplishing your crucial, most important tasks.

But if you are willing to do these three things, you will find that you are ridiculously focused on a daily basis. Repeat the process every day and before you know it, there will be a string of ninety consecutive “hyper-focused” days together, and it will be incredible to see how far you have moved your business in such a short time!

Ready?  Set?! Go!


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