Recruiting Leaders and The One Thing

If I was given the opportunity to pick one trait and give that to you as a recruiting leader (regional, area, branch, sales manager) would you have any idea what it would be?

As I ponder that question I am sure there are dozens of great ones to chose from.

Integrity, Authenticity, Focus, Work ethic And on and on…………………….

As I look back over the years of my recruiting success I see a pattern emerge. That pattern says there is a lot of critical character traits for a great leader.

BUT if there is one turning point with the significant wins I have had and I have helped other leaders have it would involve THIS ONE WORD.


So keep your recruiting simple gang!

I tell my coaching clients that if you are going to be a successful recruiter YOU MUST BE BOLD!

In fact I ask them to measure it. Here is how you should measure it. If you aren’t causing your heart to speed up because of the boldness then you aren’t being all that bold.

Well I guess you could be what is known as a “recruiting cold blooded killer”…..haha!

BUT in my lifetime I have met 2 of those unique individuals and they were born without any trepidation or fear.

For the rest of us Boldness takes an act of courage. But it is a choice to be courageous or to follow the path of least resistance.

Be courageous 5 times today. Do it again tomorrow and then keep that streak alive for the rest of your life.

It’s guaranteed to make you a successful recruiting leader.


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