Leaders Who Recruit, Stop Stewarding Vision and Began Owning It

Before you read any further I would challenge you to say aloud your business vision. If you can’t instantly recite it you are lacking vision.

When coaching leaders who also recruit I start with creating a clear vision.

Many have a hard time connecting the dots on why vision and recruiting are connected. That is until they clearly define their vision and begin communicating that to recruits. The “aha” moment takes place as they see recruits move towards them as they clearly articulate their vision.

Where companies have a strong vision, leaders seem to put a check mark in the “I have a vision” box and don’t believe they must put additional thought into their vision.

But a company vision and the individual leader’s vision are different. It’s not that leaders can’t own the company vision rather it’s that they typically don’t. Many see themselves as stewards of that vision not owners.

Ownership is everything. Follow me here as this slight shift will mean everything when recruiting people.


Stewardship is “the job of taking care of something entrusted to one’s care.”

It means you get to enjoy the things you manage and get all the perks that come with it WITHOUT THE RISK.

If I steward your garden I don’t have the same risk the owner of the garden has. What if a storm destroys the garden? The owner loses everything but what about the steward? The investment of time and energy can now be placed into stewarding something else.

Ownership is “the act of possessing something.”

As companies we must begin asking ourselves “how do we transfer ownership of the company vision to our leaders?”

This means bringing your leaders along in conversations around the vision even after it’s been created. What does the vision mean to them? How can they own the vision as their own? How can they transfer ownership to their people?

Why is this so critical? So many reasons……

  • If someone owns your vision as theirs they will buy in for the long game as your vision is their vision. Through good and bad you don’t see owner’s leaving. They understand that anything worth having will require blood, sweat and tears.  The steward always has a pre-chosen place where they tap out and move on.
  • When recruiting the owner is always the best recruiter. Why? Because the vision is theirs. You want MEGA SUCCESS in recruiting? Stop creating leaders who steward the vision and start duplicating owners of your vision. The steward is recruiting for someone else and thus less passionate about the vision.
  • Clarity of calling is always critical in success. Look at anything that has been successful on the largest stage. Clarity has always been at the center of it. Owning a vision creates clarity!  The steward is always asking for clarity.
  • The problems are my problems. The owner understands the buck stops with me. No more passing the problem batan. When the owner gets it handed to them they don’t pass it they figure out a solution before they move on. The steward hands off the problem to the owner.
  • The dream is my dream. The owner never stops dreaming. How big can I build it? How many people can I impact with it? How many lives can I change? What needs to be improved? What needs to be measured? The steward doesn’t dream

And I could go on and on……

CEO’s, President’s, Head of Sales……..


You must ask yourself, have I created an environment where my people are owning the company vision? Want the truth? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have my recruiting leaders bought into the company vision?
  • Do my recruiting leaders have clarity in what the company vision means to them individually?
  • Do my recruiting leaders have clarity in their calling?
  • Are my recruiting leaders owning problems?
  • Are my recruiting leaders dreaming big dreams?

Leaders who recruit……..

If the vision isn’t clear within your organization work to be very clear in your own vision. It is your choice to lead in this area as your success in recruiting depends on it. Stop the stewardship mindset and began owning.

Where the vision is clear within your organization be sure to define how that vision connects with you and your vision. Have a vision for yourself that is an extension of the company vision.


Ownership of vision does NOT require PERMISSION rather a CHOICE. Choose to OWN over STEWARDING.


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