Keep Your Recruiting Simple

I recently posted to my central audience of Regional, Area, Branch Manger within the mortgage industry with some advice. But this advice holds true for any leader who is also responsible for hiring and growing their team. Here is that post…..

I have found that 9 out of YOUR 10 hires are going to come directly from YOU!!

I am not bad mouthing biz development teams. It is just that they recruit for the company/head of sales/president/CEO


So if you are going to grow your team, your state, your region… have to be the best recruiter in that market. Not a slick salesman. A great recruiter.

Here is what I found being a “recruiting leader” myself (of 14 yrs). There is hardly a resource out there that teaches you how to become a great recruiter. The ones I see take a few tactics and call it good. So let me give you some input.

Here are 3 simple ways to improve your results.

Get really really clear on YOUR VISION. Crystal clear. Then share it with every single recruit.

Get ridiculous about documenting your activity around recruiting. See my post where I shared a “recruiting scorecard.” What is measured is improved.

Make your heart beat really really fast at least 5 times per day. Be bold!

Then sustain your activities for a long time. Greatness comes from long term consistent actions NOT short term high effort.

The tortoise really does beat the hare.


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