Dreaming Leadership Principle

There is a little known principle in leading and recruiting called the “dreaming leadership principle”. This is so powerful I have identified it as a leadership law in retaining and recruiting alike. In short it goes like this…..

”where someone has lost desire, a leader willing to dream with them can re-discover desire and motivate them towards meaningful change.”

In working with Recruiting Leaders one of the things I discuss is being intentional about dreaming with recruits. A great question that opens up this opportunity is this, “as you look at the future what is something you want to accomplish that is so big it is dreamy?”

As psychologist study marriages they have determined that couples who divorce state one of the contributing factors was that they stopped dreaming together. There is something of significance about this idea of dreaming with someone.

As a noticer inside the recruiting world almost a decade ago I began to notice that recruits who were encouraged to dream with a leader were significantly more likely to join that leaders team.

So why is it that this “dreaming” concept works in recruiting and leading?
When we dream with someone there is this forgotten thing called desire that surfaces. Desire is something that can lost over time spent inside the walls of organizations or opportunity. Where desire has been lost and you the recruiting leader arrive on the scene with a willingness to re-discover it you tap into a new found ability to motivate recruits to take risk.

If you lead and recruit I encourage you to consider your role in re-igniting desire and passion through this idea of dreaming with your recruits. . Then go one step further and focus more of your leadership energies on being intentional in this “dreaming with people”.

It’s a rare thing to have a leader who is willing and wanting to come alongside and dream with you. It is even more rare to find a leader committed to helping you accomplish that dream. When you find that leader align with them and stay with them at all cost.

I implore you to make a commitment to dreaming with your recruits. Then when given the opportunity to align with them make a greater commitment to helping them accomplish it!

Once you understand what someone’s dream is while recruiting them pursue them through this lens. This is some of the secret sauce in recruiting. Trust me it works! BIG TIME!!


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