LinkedIn 101 For Recruiting Leaders

Description - Richard takes you through understanding LinkedIn and positioning yourself as an Influencer on the platform.  When done you will have a step by step plan for updating your profile, posting content, writing articles and building your connections list quickly.  He will show you how he went from 5,000 followers to 22,000 followers in less than 10 months.

Recruiting Made Simple

Description -Richard has recorded 8 sessions to help you build a all encompassing recruiting system. This is designed for the Branch Manager, Area Manager or Regional Manager. Understand how to build a recruiting model around your value proposition as a leader. This course includes these sessions.

1. Attractive Leadership - The Recruiting Leaders secret weapon

2. Creating your vision and gaining clarity on your core values

3. Storytelling your core values

4. Phone scripting that works

5. 4 stages of presenting - Becoming the visioneer

6. Building your own CRM whiteboard inexpensively (less than $20 per month)

7. Recruiting Scorecard and tracking your recruiting activities

8. Managing your recruiting efforts to 30 minutes each day

Advanced LinkedIn Techniques For Recruiting Leaders

Description -This is for Recruiting Leaders who already have a base understanding of LinkedIn and have 3,000 or more followers. This course walks you through managing your LinkedIn activities in less than 5 minutes each day while building relationships with your core audience. Richard’s unique approach will change how you view LinkedIn as a “Recruiting Platform” and take you to seeing through the lens of relationship building.

Advanced Recruiting Made Simple

Description - Richard has recorded 8 additional sessions to help the committed Recruiting Leader gain a competitive edge.

1. Staging recruiting visits within your office

2. Transition planning with recruits to gain momentum while recruiting

3. Using LinkedIn to reveal your attractive culture

4. Using virtual assistants to accelerate your growth through delegation

5. Creating accountability and sticking with the plan

6. Overcoming cold call reluctance

7. The Surrogate Leadership Principle and using it inside your recruiting plan

8. Understanding the BAM Principle in motivating recruits to next steps

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