What Life Lesson’s Can Be Learned From A Snail?

Some time ago I was eating at an outdoor restaurant enthralled in great conversation with a top mortgage leader. As we paid our bill and proceeded to leave I looked over a few feet from where we had been eating to see a snail more than 4 feet up a vine along a stone wall.

It was an indescribable moment as something immediately rose up inside me.

I wanted to scream! YES!!! EXACTLY!!!

I took the time to excuse myself from the people around to take a picture (see attached).

I was overcome by emotions seeing that small snail having worked its way up the vine going leaf to leaf. Who knew how long it had been climbing and what it had weathered to get to that point.

I wasn’t even sure why I was feeling what I was feeling but there was something obvious to me about that snail and the parallels in my own life.

Ever had one of those moments?

You know the moment when you read a book and for some reason you can’t stop weeping?

Perhaps that trip you went on with your family and there is that one picture you reflect back on which represents something more than a trip?

Maybe it was the time you heard something that so deeply resonated with you that you felt defined by it?

I have learned over the years to live an observant life. I would dare say most people fly through life at such speeds that they miss these moments. The moments where their soul says “slow down, this is a moment you need to measure the magnitude of your life by.”

As I took time later to reflect back on the snail picture I began to understand why that moment seemed large. It was because of the previous seasons in my life and how that tiny snail represented my life in so many ways……

  • Many times nothing exciting was happening but I was still being faithful in doing the right things right.
  • I was wanting to reach the top of _______________.
  • Focused on a larger prize such as financial freedom knowing I could only do that through growing my business one relationship at a time.
  • Lots of hard work in the rear view mirror and plenty in the front windshield coming at me with no guarantee when I would reach the top.
  • No spectacular shell to show off as it seemed I was noticed by few.
  • Exposed to the elements of life but weathering the storm knowing I was on the right path.

There was an internal voice that pulled at me on that day crying out “stay encouraged and don’t give up!”

You know the one you hear on your best days. The one that says “stick to your plan and keep playing for the long term.”

What does this snail represent to you and your life? I am sure you can draw some parallels as well. Take a moment and observe.

Signed – Richard AKA that Snail.


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