Conversations With Homeless Man, What I Learned About Recruiting That Day

It was the week prior to Christmas two years ago when the Milligan clan was merrily doing our traditional pictures at the mall with Santa Claus.  Having 4 children who were under the age of 12 we were accustomed to at least one freaking out on the the white bearded jolly fellow. But this year all had […]

Attention Leaders Who Also Recruit. Do Yourself a Favor, Stop Recruiting!

I have always disliked the words recruit, recruiter and recruiting. Start with the definition of recruiting……”to attempt to acquire the services of a person for an employer.” To summarize it one could simply state it’s to acquire someone for something. When you say it like that it sounds more like buying a car than it does convincing […]

Recruiting Lessons, Hiring The Person I Said I Would Never Hire

Paul was his name and I had zero intentions of hiring him from the moment I saw him and his car.  As a brand new manager who had just landed his first leadership position I disqualified Paul without asking a single question. I was immediately convinced he would be a poor hire. He was soft spoken and unsure […]

What Life Lesson’s Can Be Learned From A Snail?

Some time ago I was eating at an outdoor restaurant enthralled in great conversation with a top mortgage leader. As we paid our bill and proceeded to leave I looked over a few feet from where we had been eating to see a snail more than 4 feet up a vine along a stone wall. […]

Open Letter to Mortgage Companies Looking to Grow in 2018

Dear Mortgage Company Leader, I am not the only voice in the mortgage recruiting arena but I get to speak from a unique perspective as I coach leaders (VP’s, Regional Managers, Area Managers and Branch Managers) on a daily basis in becoming better recruiters. I get to speak from the position of having spent 15 […]

Leaders Who Recruit, Stop Stewarding Vision and Began Owning It

Before you read any further I would challenge you to say aloud your business vision. If you can’t instantly recite it you are lacking vision. When coaching leaders who also recruit I start with creating a clear vision. Many have a hard time connecting the dots on why vision and recruiting are connected. That is […]

Keep Your Recruiting Simple

I recently posted to my central audience of Regional, Area, Branch Manger within the mortgage industry with some advice. But this advice holds true for any leader who is also responsible for hiring and growing their team. Here is that post….. I have found that 9 out of YOUR 10 hires are going to come […]

Recruiting Leaders and The One Thing

If I was given the opportunity to pick one trait and give that to you as a recruiting leader (regional, area, branch, sales manager) would you have any idea what it would be? As I ponder that question I am sure there are dozens of great ones to chose from. Integrity, Authenticity, Focus, Work ethic […]

The Life Of The Recruiting Leader, What To Do With That Head Trash

Just the other day I was speaking with a successful and well put together Recruiting Leader. This is someone I highly respect who has built a mega team in less than 4 years. He truly represents The Attractive Leader in so many ways….. Has a clear vision…………check! Is able to clearly articulate that vision……..check! Is […]

Rum Cake and Mortgage Recruiting

In 2014 I had an epiphany which changed how I view recruiting. I had recently changed companies, the geographical area I could grow my branches into was significantly larger so I was motivated to grow quickly. I began studying my patterns in recruiting. Not just kind of studying but more like a science experiment where […]

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