Your Values Are Worth Fighting For!

I will never forget that call. It was 12 hours until my family was leaving for our annual family vacation. It was to be our 5th consecutive year I had kept my promise to my family that I would unplug from my work for a full week. My wife was home packing with our four […]

Work Less, Recruit More

Why Trying Too Hard Kills Your Recruiting Efforts (And What to Do Instead) Ever hear of a tryhard? In teenage parlance, a tryhard is someone who tries so hard to look cool that it backfires, or who expends way too much effort in a video game to kill a “meh” player. There’s a little bit […]

Staying Hyper Focused!

Warren Buffett has shared in an interview that he and Bill Gates were in a group of about twenty people shortly after meeting each other when Bill Gates’ father wanted them all to write down one word on a sheet of paper that accounted for their success. Little did Warren and Bill know that they […]

Connection Of Memorable Moments And Core Values

With this past weekend being youth turkey season I am reminded of this incredible moment I shared with my 9 year old from a few years ago. I am writing this to encourage leaders who find themselves in a season of craziness to fight for the opportunity to create memorable moments. These are the things […]

Motivate Before You Educate And You Discourage!

In 2018 I coached 138 individual recruiting leaders. I spoke at a large number of sales rallies, corporate recruiting events, and even more roundtable meetings. With that said, I had a lot of conversations and heard a lot of stories surrounding recruiting. While many of those stories were “one-off” stories there was a number with consistent themes […]

Recruiting Conversations, How To Build A Team Quickly.

I recently had a conversation with an individual centered around a desire of his to have success quickly. Specifically he wanted to discuss a fast way to build a team.  The conversation kind of went like this….. “I don’t have a lot of time to be successful. All of my compensation is going to be […]

Tactics Based Mortgage Recruiting Versus The Power Of 7

Earlier this week I spoke to one of the most successful recruiting leaders I have had the opportunity to work with as we drew up some “recruiting plays” in the sand. We were working to create messaging based on trigger events that are taking place in his specific market.   As we worked to script his […]

Legacy Is Worth “all in”​ Dedication

“Talent is cheap! Dedication is costly!!” – Bertoldo de Giovanni One of the all time great quotes by a mentor to the renowned artist Michelangelo. When Michelangelo was 14 years old he began studying art with Bertoldo. Even at this young age it was apparent to Bertoldo that there was enormous talent in the young […]

Dreaming Leadership Principle

There is a little known principle in leading and recruiting called the “dreaming leadership principle”. This is so powerful I have identified it as a leadership law in retaining and recruiting alike. In short it goes like this….. ”where someone has lost desire, a leader willing to dream with them can re-discover desire and motivate […]

What Is Your Idea Worth? Get On With It!

This photo of the Wright brothers launching one of their first gliders perfectly captures the intersection of ideas and implementation. I am reminded that taking action is the only way we achieve success. While everything begins on the one way street called “Idea” it is simply a collection of thoughts unless it is combined with […]

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