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It was Christmas day and I was in the perfect place enjoying a wonderful day with my wife and 4 children.  Almost magically Christmas morning came and went just as it was planned. Then we had our traditional Christmas lunch…..Homemade lasagna and deserts galore……Yes it may sound odd but we LOVE IT and it’s our tradition so there you have it.

But then it happened!  That moment when your mind drifts back to the things going on in your business (don’t be judging me) and suddenly I had an idea that ate me up all evening and kept me awake through part of last night!!!  Am I the only neurotic one in this business?

So I took a day I was planning to take off and jetted into my office  to put together my idea. All said I took a day off and turned it into a 18 hour workday!!

Here is how it all started and how you are the beneficiary of it…..

On Friday the week leading into the Christmas weekend I had a conversation with a Mortgage Branch Manager I am working with (coaching through my Recruiting Made Simple system) who has hired 7 Loan Officers over the prior 60 days.  Because of this fast growth he is having to relocate his branch to accommodate his new Loan Officers. Needless to say he is pretty excited just as anyone would be heading into 2018!

In our conversation he gave complete credit to this growth based on a few simple changes in his approach to LinkedIn.  For the past 6 weeks he has been regularly setting face to face appointments with qualified Loan Officers using LinkedIn.   He simply follows a straight forward system which I have shown him which is a step by step plan that requires zero thinking.

The best part is it’s unique to him so no one else can copy it.

This is something I coach all of my recruiting leaders through as it is part of my larger Recruiting Made Simple system.

Insert my great idea……..I am holding a webinar to give you the same tips that he is using to build his branch quickly.   I want to do what I can to help you reach any goals set for growing your teams. Thus why I created a webinar that you can benefit from immediately.  

Pause and let me insert a quick thought

Some of you are starting to ZONE OUT as your beliefs around LinkedIn has you believing things like…..

  • “Getting results like that through LinkedIn…….NOT possible”
  • “LinkedIn is only used by recruiters……….no one pays attention to messages sent there”
  • “It is impossible to develop meaningful relationships with LinkedIn”
  • “There is too much noise on LinkedIn for it to be a useful recruiting tool”
  • “You only attract poor quality/job hopping Loan Officers through LinkedIn”

Now I am going to tell you that you are WRONG WRONG WRONG!  Here is THE TRUTH!

  • “IT IS POSSIBLE to set appointments REGULARLY with good Loan Officers using LinkedIn”
  • “LinkedIn IS KEY to developing meaningful relationships with Loan Officers”
  • “LinkedIn IS KEY to warming up Loan Officers in advance of making phone contact and by doing this your increasing your chances of moving them to a next step”
  • “LinkedIn IS THE PERFECT passive communication tool for opening up conversations with Loan Officers”
  • “That Recruiting Leaders using LinkedIn for just 15 minutes each day are SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SUCCESSFUL than those who don’t”

LinkedIn is a HUGE KEY TO YOUR RECRUITING SUCCESS but not for the reasons you may think!  You see most recruiting leaders take the wrong approach and because of this they get ZERO results.  Thus their false belief system that LinkedIn doesn’t work.


There is a way to use LinkedIn to Jumpstart your recruiting success!

The time invested on LinkedIn can yield better results than ANY OTHER PLACE!

If you saw that I had almost 22,000 LinkedIn Followers (90%+ of those are inside the mortgage industry) and rank in the top 1% of the Mortgage Industry with my Social Selling Index you wouldn’t believe that up until a few years ago I struggled using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool.

It took almost 8 years of trial and error to figure out how to use LinkedIn to successfully engage LO’s and BM’s.  

But in early 2014 everything changed.  I took a full week and removed myself from the “matrix” and built a step by step recruiting system using LinkedIn as one of the primary drivers for this.  I actually went off the grid and went away.

Away from everything………my office, my email, my cell phone and my team.  I knew I had to devise a better plan for recruiting and I was committed to doing exactly that.  After a full week my new recruiting system was finished!

Then it happened.   It was as if I suddenly had the golden touch in recruiting.  In the next few months I would set almost 40 face to face appointments with candidates!!

I would end up launching 7 branches in 14 months with 4 of these branches coming in back to back to back to back months!!

What I realize in hindsight is that my system HAD CONNECTED THE DOTS ON A HANDFUL OF THINGS which allowed me to win again and again when recruiting top recruits.   

The cool thing is that ANYONE can do these things and become a successful recruiting leader.

On this webinar I am going to show you exactly what I did that allowed me to use LinkedIn as my primary tool in building over 20 branches and hire close to 120 Loan Officers using these same tactics. This will include the exact message I used 3 years ago to create the whirlwind of success.

AND when you are done YOU WILL HAVE A GAME PLAN FOR USING LINKEDIN to get in front of top Loan Officers in your market.  

Register and let me share over an hour of specific insight for you, the Mortgage Recruiting Leader (ya know the one who also wears 12 to 15 other hats every day).  This is guaranteed to give you takeaways that you can act on immediately using LinkedIn!

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